Colin G Prickett

Colin G Prickett

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As with many people, my interest in photography took off in the digital age when everything became much more accessible and affordable. I found it was a medium that could cross over to other developing interests like AV presentations, book publishing and wall-art, all of which have helped to define my own brand of creativity. I have recently gained Associate level in the Royal Photographic Society and have joined their Creative Group to add further purpose and ambition to my output.

As for music, I was hooked in the first wave of digital music production back in the mid-eighties and have been sporadically creating music ever since. I have a considerable backlog of songs, mostly too embarrassing or incomplete to share on this site, but I do think I have improved sufficiently to include a page on this website for added variety.

So, to summarize, this website is my own platform for displaying work across the fields of photography, photo art, audio-visual, music and print, and also as a sounding board and shop for interested and like-minded visitors. I plan to share my creative activities with you as and when they happen so I do hope you will find something of interest within.

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