Major Update - new images and pages

“Breaking Out” Exhibition

I am glad to report that our exhibition earlier in the year was a great success, attracting lots of great comments and quite a few sales as well. Here are a few of the things our visitors said about it:-

... Amazing, completely unlike anything I've ever seen (young Art Student)

... Fabulous, integrated and exciting exhibition

... Amazing work, great variety of style. Too difficult to choose an overall favourite, I love so many.

... Inspirational and makes me want to experiment more with my photography.

... I've never seen Floor One (the Art Gallery) looking so vibrant. The presentation is sensational.

... An amazing collection that challenges your senses. My brain is lovely and confused.

We set out to make the exhibition more than just a gallery of photographs so we installed a stainless steel cityscape to front our street photography and built an old-fashioned sound booth complete with headphones to listen to my latest album. There was also a glass cabinet full of our photobooks, a continuous loop of photos running on a monitor, some matching furniture and furnishings, and background music throughout.  I think the Rugby public really enjoyed the experience.


So now, after a few months rest, I felt it was time to bring my website up-to-date with a complete new set of images, some updated content, and a new Street Photography page. I admit that I was putting this exercise off because I had forgotten how to manage my website but it turned out to be quite straight-forward in the end.

Other changes include the addition of an “Archive” page so that I can continue to show and sell the most popular images from previously shown galleries. I have also made sure there is a consistent referencing system for every image and a pricing structure now in place (see “About & Contact” page for more details). I have made some changes to the Music content also.

I hope you like all the new content and please remember that all items are available for purchase too (just use the Contact Page to start the ball rolling)..

"Breaking Out" - our first ever Exhibition

I am excited to be able to tell you that I am finally fulfilling a long-term ambition of mine to put on a public exhibition of my work through a joint enterprise with my wife Christine who is also exhibiting her own latest canvasses. The Exhibition is called Breaking Out because, going forward, we would like to be recognised as artists with an interesting and unusual portfolio of photographic work rather than simply as hobbyists and enthusiasts. The event is being held at Rugby Art Gallery and Museum in Warwickshire from Saturday 1st March to Thursday 14th March 2019 inclusive (opening times 10am - 5pm Mon-Sat, 10am - 4pm Sundays). There will be prints (including two limited editions), canvasses, books and music on show so plenty to listen to and look at, and all items will be available for purchase. I have also timed the release of my first commercial album called “Fallen Heroes” by Kol to coincide with the opening date which can be listened to at the show or downloaded from iTunes, Spotify, Amazon etc in the very near future. A book of my photographer’s journey over the last 10 years will also be available. We will be in attendance throughout and we would love to see you all.


My first ever Blog

WELCOME to my new website which I hope you will find interesting and rewarding. You will notice that I am attempting a more multimedia approach to my pages rather than confining it to photo galleries, but it will probably take a little time for some of the intended content to arrive - so please keep visiting to catch my updates. I think I will probably update the "Feature Gallery" most regularly and move the current images into one of the other galleries but it's early days for any hard and fast decisions.

On the music front you may need to overlook some of my more amateurish efforts because I do not claim to be an accomplished musician or performer - but I do like to write and create music and this is what I want to share with you. I have given myself a stage name and I talk of singles and albums because it seems more authentic and exciting this way.

I also intend making my site content available for purchase but in the short-term please use the Contact Page to let me know of any interest. I will also need to look into social media connections but I don't belong to any of these myself so I will have to give this some more thought (or be persuaded). In the meanwhile please feel free to send any comments, requests or suggestions to help me improve my site.